Saturday, December 14, 2013

masa akn cepat berlalu- hargai anak anak kita ye

sejak jadi ibu ni..watashi mmg hati cepat tersentuh je
ada sape tah share dalam fb.
kunun nya kata  si anak la

"i wont always cary,mummy, when you leave the room and my supermarket tantrums will end too soon.
i wont alwayas wake, daddy. for cuddles through the nite & one day you will miss, having a chocolate face to wipe.
i wont alwayswake to find my foot
is kicking you out of bed
or  find me sideways on your pillow
where you want to lay you head
You wont always to carry me
In asleep from the car
Or piggy back me down the road
when my tiny legs cant walk far

So cherish every cuddle
remember them all
One day mummy

i wont be this small

hoihhh bapak nya tacing watashi nih akakakaka

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